About H&H

My Story … hold the sugar coating.

During the last weeks of work leading up to mat leave I was longing for that last day, I wished for it, I couldn’t wait… then when it arrived I cried on the way home. 
I’d no longer be part of the 9-5. Hundreds of coffees would be ordered and talked over, thousands of emails sent, briefs written and rewritten, and I’d be at home struggling just to get out of my pj’s and into my trackies by lunch time. 

Enter Huxley Finn Hughes. Long labour. Rough birth. Ill spare you all the deets.  

Motherhood is hard, you go from conquering your career and loving it, to half the pace with the most mundane tasks, and I was failing miserably at it. It was clear… I needed something else, something to remind me I was still connected to the world outside my house that I was too scared to leave in case my baby cried in public (which he did A LOT in those early days).

That’s how Hipster and Hooch was born (and might I say a much easier labour)!

Located in the nation’s capital, Hipster & Hooch was founded in 2017. Wanting to create edgy clothing for children that could be worn by either gender became a passion after falling in love with the streetwear style.

I wanted to build a brand that is effortlessly stylish, hence I set out to create children's wear that is edgy and unique, but made with love! 

♥ ♥ ♥